WHAT IF ▬ When nobody at SHIELD is able to pinpoint Clint’s location, they call in a favour from the past: the lady Lara Croft, he knew from his time before becoming a SHIELD agent.

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a good one, i hope

a good one, i hope

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Homeland AU:  the Bodyguard

Carrie Mathison is a young, ambitious and highly-ranked politician. Peter Quinn is her loyal bodyguard. While being highly attracted to Carrie and harboring strong feelings , he always keeps his distance. Because who is he if not goddamn professional. But all his professionalism has gone to shit after Carrie was almost killed.

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hawkeye #19 by mattfractionblogwhile helping his brother barney get back on his feet, clint gets targeted by a hitman hired by the tracksuits. the first strike left a building resident dead. the second left barney shot up and clint with profound damage to his ears.